Monticello Police Capture Man Accused Of Assaulting 80-year-old

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MONTICELLO, AR (Ben Caxton) — A man caught on tape at a Monticello Walmart wanted for punching an 80-year-old woman while in the store, has been found, and arrested. 30-year-old Mitchell Goodman was taken into custody by Monticello Police Friday afternoon after a week-long search. On April 25th a Wal-Mart shopper said an unidentified black male struck her in the face with his fist, knocking her to the floor, and causing other injuries. Police investigating said the man didn’t take anything, but assaulted her for no reason, and left her laying on the floor bleeding, before leaving the area. Security camera footage showed the man walking in that aisle, wearing jeans, and orange shirt, with a long beard. When Goodman was arrested on Friday, police say he was wearing the same orange short as the man in the video. He is charged with a class D felony. In court, Goodman was given a $25,000 commercial bond, a public defender, and served with a District Court warrant from last May.



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