Monticello Bank Robber Gets 40 Years Behind Bars

MONTICELLO, AR (Ben Caxton) — The man who robbed a Monticello bank last year has been sentenced to 40 years behind bars. 20-year-old Mahli Arrington appeared before Circuit Judge Kenny Johnson, Friday afternoon and pled guilty to robbing Commercial Bank in late September. As an employee of the bank was opening for business she was approached by Arrington, holding a gun, and demanding money. Arrington was arrested a few hours later at a residence on Watt Street where police recovered the gun that was involved, as well as the stolen money. He was sentenced to 20 years for kidnapping and 20 years for armed robbery, to be served consecutively, plus 10 years each for theft of property and felon in possession of a firearm charge to be served concurrently.



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