Mississippi Man Gets 15 Years for Fleeing Zombies

GULFPORT, MS (Ben Caxton) — The State of Mississippi wants it to be known that if you’re trying to get away from an attack of Zombies you still have to obey all traffic laws. Or suffer the consequences of becoming one of the undead in a Mississippi jail cell. 32-year-old Shaun Michael Stroud of Kiln plead guilty last week to aggravated assault, grand larceny, and malicious mischief. Back in April Stroud stole a front-end loader from a recycling center and smashed into at least four cars in a Walmart parking lot, including one with two with people inside. He told police he rammed vehicles because he thought the world was ending and zombies were chasing him. He was caught, by the police, not by the attacking zombies, after his apocalypse saving front-end loader hit a palm tree and got a flat tire. A judge sentenced Stroud to 15 years safely locked away from the creatures in a Mississippi Department of Corrections cell.



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