Mississippi Lottery Scratch Tickets Just 5 Weeks Away

JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — Mississippi’s Lottery will start selling scratch-off tickets November 25th. That’s the Monday before Thanksgiving, slightly earlier than expected. For months the lottery corporation had said sales would probably begin in early December. The corporation is also notifying convenience stores and other retailers if they have been accepted to sell lottery tickets. In August the Multi-State Lottery Association approved Mississippi for Powerball and Mega Millions, and sales for those games are expected to begin early next year. Mississippi was one of six states without a lottery until lawmakers authorized the games of chance last year to help generate money for highways.


8 Comments on "Mississippi Lottery Scratch Tickets Just 5 Weeks Away"

  1. Hopefully this can pay for those roads…

  2. Jacquita Ledlow – McNeary

  3. Kenny I need your luck so I can win lol

  4. Well now, generating money for these pitiful pot-hole filled highways and streets! What about dispersing the allocated funds to generate a higher quality of education for the youth of the Mississippi Delta; better yet, for the state of Mississippi! How about benefiting our children that are suffering depression, and need an outlet! How about creating a safe haven for families of domestic violence, where their not placed on a waiting list! How about giving our police department a source of advocacy and advancement to find these babies that are constantly being abducted and reported missing in Mississippi, Generate that!!

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