Mississippi Internet Ranked 2nd Slowest Nationally

THE DELTA (Ben Caxton) — A new nationwide survey created from over one million internet speed tests shows Mississippi ranked as #2 for the slowest internet in the US, with an average speed of 24.77 Mbps. The national average was 42.42 Mbps. HighSpeedInternet.com says that leading the nation in the top three spots were Maryland with an average speed of 65.02 Mbps, followed by New Jersey, and Delaware. The only state reporting slower overall internet access speeds that Mississippi was Alaska at 17.03 Mbps.



12 Comments on "Mississippi Internet Ranked 2nd Slowest Nationally"

  1. That’s not shocking at all Now if it was the 2nd fastest then it would be surprising

  2. & not first….Wow

  3. This is FAKE NEWS. Because no one else has slower internet than Mississippi. My internet through Cable One is slow as turtles and so is my wireless data through CSpire. I’m paying for the 300 gbps speed with Cable One and my speed averages around 39 to 41 gbps on good days which is only around 260 gbps slower than the plan that I’m paying for.

  4. It is the worst. I just hate ours but what can I do in rural Ms. There are only 2 rural providers and I’ve had them both and one is no better than the other. Sorry, sorry sorry

  5. Mine in Avon, Mississippi

  6. Not accurate yeah speeds with satellite maybe but my earlier post shows

  7. My internet provider is with Suddenlink Cable. Download speed is 272Mbps, upload speed is 35 Mbps. It’s smoking…

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