Missing Letter Costs Cleveland $25,000

CLEVELAND, MS (Ben Caxton) — A missing letter from the Bolivar County Supervisors has cost Cleveland $25,000, and its Earth Day trash pickup event. Public Works Director Ray Bell told the Cleveland Board of Aldermen at a recent meeting that the event where residents can turn in old paint, electronics, tires, and other household junk will have to be canceled this year. The event is funded each year by a grant from the state. This year the office in Jackson made a few changes to the application process, requiring a letter from the county supporting the cleanup day. But according to a report in the Bolivar Commercial newspaper Bell, despite having repeatedly asked for the letter to include in this year’s application, did not receive it from the county until this week, and it’s now past the filing deadline. Last year’s event cost the city $29,000, and at most, a little over $5,000 left over from last year’s pickup is available, not nearly enough to dispose of the items. After discussing other options the alderman voted to cancel the 2019 event entirely.



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