MDOT Removes Travel Obstacles While MHP Sets Up More

JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — After the Mississippi Department of Transportation shut down all roadwork statewide work to speed travelers on their way through the Independence Day Holiday, the Mississippi Highway Patrol went in a different direction to impede traffic again instead. The MHP had every available trooper working Tuesday and Wednesday, setting up roadblocks they claim are necessary to find drivers impaired by drugs or alcohol. During the 2017 Fourth of July enforcement, all of the roadblocks statewide yielded just 100 DUI arrests with the vast majority of tickets and fines handed out for other offenses like seatbelt, license, and sticker violations. Last year the state investigated 183 crashes with three fatalities over the 4th of July Holiday.



2 Comments on "MDOT Removes Travel Obstacles While MHP Sets Up More"

  1. Just 100 is the comment made like they wasted their time running road blocks. Make it seem like a good thing they got those 100 drivers off the streets not a bad thing holding up traffic.

  2. Simon Jester Simon Jester | July 5, 2018 at 9:44 pm | Reply

    They need to do this more. I demand they set up roadblocks 24/7 around all banks and stop everyone exiting and leaving to check and see if the money they have is really theirs or not. It’s just another small inconvenience to make our banks safe for our money. That’ll put an end to all the bank robberies going on in Greenville! I mean, how else would they ever catch those thieves?

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