March 31: the Week in Review

Chicot Memorial

THE DELTA (Ben Caxton) — Another week is in the history books. If you weren’t listening to Delta Radio every morning, here’s what you might have missed. Clarksdale’s newspaper is getting a new publisher, the city is getting new traffic lights and storm sewers, the Juke Joint Festival got a new supporter, the County’s new jail wants some tax breaks from the city, and Coahoma County schools will be needing a new superintendent. Cleveland saw a shooting and a stabbing death on the same night, but the city’s main street is up for awards. The Indianola Fire Chief resigned and was replaced. And Greenville’s TV stations lost their GM and News Director. The Greenville airport’s Boutique fleet is getting bigger, a Greenville middle school student was the latest arrested with a gun on campus, Greenville High School students can now phone home from school, and three Delta Schools are getting cash for improved student scores. San Antonio Police finally arrested a Washington County escapee who’s been lost for three months. In Vicksburg a teenager used a misplaced cell phone to go on an eBay shopping spree, a 21-year-old got a $1M bond after shooting a man to death in an argument, a second grader was hit exiting a school bus, and the cost of a new splash pad is making big waves in the city budget. In Arkansas, Lake Village is no longer the home of rusty fish, a Monticello judge is holding open court on Tuesday, and human remains were found in the woods in Drew County. All this and much more, this week, from Delta Radio, and online at



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