Majority of area third grade pupils pass new state reading test

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85 percent of all Mississippi third-graders passed the new reading test administered by state education officials that is a requirement for pupils to advance to the fourth grade. A look at the percentage of kids in local school districts who passed the exam here in the Delta…82 percent in Cleveland, 78 in Sunflower County, and 77 percent in Hollandale. The results suggest 73 percent of all third graders in the North Bolivar Consolidated School District passed the required reading test, as did 68 percent of the third-graders in Leland as well as 63 percent of the kids in the Greenville Public School District. Delta-area school administrators say the first year of testing reveals room for improvement. Statewide, 15 percent of all Mississippi school children failed the new reading test required before third graders can move on to the fourth grade.


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