Lower Gas Prices a Christmas Gift to the Delta

THE DELTA (Ben Caxton) — Delta travelers are getting a Christmas present this year from big oil companies. The price of gasoline is down in Mississippi, and across most of the rest of the United States for the holidays as well. Although gas prices usually increase this time of year due to the number of people on the roads, this year motorists will be paying much less than they did just one year ago, according to AAA. Spokesperson Nancy Cain said wholesale gasoline prices plummeted late last week which reduced the cost for retailers to buy and sell gasoline. Unless the market turns around she said, drivers should see gas prices fall another 5 to 15 cents during their holiday road trips. As of Christmas Eve, the best price for a gallon of gasoline in Mississippi could be found at Dodge’s Store in Leland at $1.73 a gallon. With Valero and Double-Quick in Kermit’s hometown not far behind at $1.75.



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