Lawmakers Up Their Offer to Mississippi Teachers

JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — Mississippi lawmakers are considering giving teachers a pair of $2000 raises over the next two years…four times more than the original proposal. The amendment to Senate Bill 2770 would cost $206 million over two years. The move comes days after a revenue report showed Mississippi is on track to end the current budget year on June 30 with a surplus of more than $193 million, and after teacher groups called for bigger raises. The National Education Association says in 2016-17 Mississippi had the lowest average teachers’ salary among states, just under $43,000 per year. House leaders are also considering $12 million to $15 million in raises for state employees who haven’t had raises in the past two years.



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  1. We deserve it. We are the lowest paid educators. Who do you think educates the doctors, the lawyers, the politicians, the lawmakers, the first responders, and everyone else? Most teachers work an extra job to make ends meet.

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