Lakeport Plantation Receives $2,000 Entergy Grant

LAKE VILLAGE, AR (Ben Caxton) — The Alex Foundation has received a grant from the Entergy Arkansas Foundation for an architecture and design camp for youth this summer at the Lakeport Plantation. The $2,000 grant will be used to bring an architect to the Lakeport Plantation to teach at the camp and to purchase supplies, including drones which are used in architecture to provide a detailed image of a site, accurate survey data, and real-time monitoring. The Lakeport Plantation Museum in Lake Village and J. Austin White Cultural Arts Center in Eudora are two of the Alex Foundation’s Architecture & Design host venues where the camps will be held concurrently July 16 to 20 from 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM. Both camps are free to participating youth and include meals, field trips, service learning and project-based learning.



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