Lakeport Legacies Tomorrow At The Plantation


LAKE VILLAGE, AR (Ben Caxton) — Lakeport Plantation’s monthly history talk, Lakeport Legacies, will feature Lakeport’s Director, Dr. Blake Wintory. Wintory will present “From Mosaic Templars to Royal Circle of Friends: Identifying Arkansas’s African American Fraternal Headstones” on Thursday. African American cemeteries like Live Oak in Greenville and New Hope Missionary in Lake Village contain monuments from fraternal organizations founded in late 19th and early 20th centuries. Membership was often social, but also came with desirable sickness and death benefits. Several Arkansas-based fraternal organizations, like the Mosaic Templars, Supreme Royal Circle of Friends, and Knights and Daughters of Tabor, provided standardized monuments as part of their benefits. Tomorrow’s presentation will talk about the rise and decline of these organizations and show examples of African American fraternal monuments throughout Arkansas and the Mississippi Delta.


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