Kidnapping on Fairview

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(Greenville, MS)– Joshua Williams is the suspect in the kidnapping of 4 people, 3 white males and 1 white female. Williams kicked in the door of a residence in the 1400 block of Fairview Avenue, armed with a knife Williams performed sexual acts on the female victim then proceeded to tie up one of the male victims. Williams then forced the other victims to break into Fairview Liqour located on East Reed Road, after the suspect forced the victims to load the stolen 16 bottles of alcohol into the victims truck. The suspect drove off and then encountered Greenville PD and fled the scene on foot, the victims made contact with the officer and medical assistance was called. Greenville PD have issued a warrant for the arrest of Joshua Williams, if you have any information regarding the suspect please call Greenville PD.


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  1. It’s amazing how 1 man can do All that and authoritys not find this story odd.Where was the knife while the 2 men watched him tie up one?.Where were the 3 men while the sex act was going on? He seems to be a small frame man and did All this with a knife.I hope GPD has as many qustions.This sounds like they were partying, went together to steal the beer and he got caught with the woman Then it became a kidnapping

    • You don’t have a clue what you’re talking about one of the victims is a close friend of mine and I’d appreciate it if you would delete your comment and send up a prayer. Thanks

  2. This story is really funny! How can one man do all this with a nife. I mean come on I don’t believe this for one bit

  3. Is this some kind of joke ? There is no way 3 white men would allow 1 black man with only a knife to rape a white woman !! SMH!! And break in a liquor store . This was someone sick fantasy !!! Brother you were crazy to be a part of this !!! All this happen in Mississippi!?

  4. Mississippian | July 6, 2016 at 10:28 am | Reply

    The Detective assigned to this case should have some serious questions for the “victims”. Seems like 5 people partying gone wrong, so they chose an obvious scapegoat. 3 men just sat back and watch him rape the female? Where was the knife while the rape was happening. I’m pretty sure at least one of the guy’s hands would’ve been occupied by way of forcing himself onto the female. Then 3 of them watched him tie the other up? I know for a fact such an act would require two hands, so where’s the knife? And none of them thought to run out of a back door, window or just run away down the street when they were burglarizing the liqour store? This is hilarious, improbable and obviously not even close to the whole truth.

  5. From one who knows these people. I know for a fact that mr.Williams didn’t do any of that what they said he done.. Put two and two together. It all started as a method party and Amanda wanted to suck off everyone but Greg
    After Richard and friend went to get More meth Amanda wanted to have sex but both Williams and Greg declined her offer and she then wanted to blow job both men. But again both decline.. Also if the cops were to do a proper investagation they will see Amanda opening the liquor store up with the very keys she took off Greg
    .also look at this, when Greenville police pulled up in the front of the white truck driven by non other than ms Amanda ,, it was three people sitting on the back of that truck.. Those people was laughing till they all saw the cops.. But only one person jumped off the back of that truck and that was Williams
    .the rest was caught and now laying everything on Mr williams.. He’s in Cali getting his money up for a good lawyer to fight for his live,lively hood not to mention his freedom.. Williams don’t have money to get a proper lawyer and knew that all the odds were stacked against him so he fleed until he can come up with something.. If you would like to help Mr Williams please leave a name and number on here
    . god bless everyone.. Good night

  6. Thanks to everyone who can help this youngan reclaim his life and freedom
    .. God bless

  7. Sir Berry Lee Jones | July 11, 2016 at 8:38 pm | Reply

    Statement on July 3, 2016

    On or about June 30th 2016, suspect was supposedly at the 1400 block of Reed Road in Greenville, along with Richard, David, Amanda and Greg. Suspect was invited to that location by the supposely victims to drink,but once suspect made it to there address the door was already pushed open, As he passed the door he noticed that it looked to been kicked in,but Amanda,Greg,Richard and David was sitting around half naked and doing crystal meth off glass pipes at the time the suspect told them that he was leaving and that he didn’t come to do hard drugs, after a brief conversation between the five of them the suspect sit in the front as the others sit in the back room smoking meth.suspect says that after about ten minutes of them being in there smoking he heard voices raising, loud crashes and then the dog barking and Amanda hollering saying you promised me motherfucker that you was going to give us liquor to drink if we smoked and partied with you and now you not gonna do it .Suspect then went knock on the bathroom door and when it opens Amanda was holding a set of keys and sayin that they we’re going to the liquor store and get drunk suspect looking further into the room and there was blood on the floor and on Greg and the dog.Greg was laying face down on the bed still half naked from waist up the others ask was he was going
    With them and he said yes after walking to another yard to go to the store everybody stopped and Amanda stated that they were to wait she went to open the store so the three men the suspect Richard and David still back in the dark and awaited Amanda to open up the store after about 3 minutes Amanda finally got the door open and then she called out to the men to come on .(stop)* J.W (now reflect back on the charge of kidnapping how could that be possible when the suspect was invited by these supposely victims. After the four of them entered into the store each went their own ways,at any point between the house and store. Also how could one man that was supposedly holding a knife rape a white woman in any kind of way with three white men just standing by looking?(Why)? ( there never wasn’t any kidnapping .Everyone was in agreement and bagging up juice (24oz) and liquor Richard David and Amanda headed out of the door suspect was still coming out when Richard started that the alarm had been triggered and they had to leave so the three men jumped on the back of a white truck Amanda got into the driver’s seat cruck the truck up after Amanda get the truck into position to go out onto Reed road police cars pulled up and she was forced to stop the truck suspect already knew then he couldn’t how to get caught up in this situation with these people so he jumped off the truck and ran through a pathway the backup to Reed road, when you walk in a normal pace and kept moving at a short distance to stop and look back down the street but all he could think of how he just got caught up in some mess when he knew better but at the moment all he could do was go home and pray that nothing fall back on him a drinking party turn into a burglary then he ran from the police all cameras need to be reviewed and more proper investigator done in this case.

    sign this day July 3rd 2016
    From an unknown source given to private investigator Mr. Danny Lee Jones Jr.

    • I got what you mean , appreciate it for posting .Woh I am delighted to find this website through google. “If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is fa1e2ablo.&#82rv; by Seneca.

  8. My Brothers Keeper | July 16, 2016 at 6:34 am | Reply

    Everything I just read sounds just about right.Now this is my baby brother that they is saying did all of this with a nife. Come on people. Now who would even in they right mind would believe some garbage like this. I know my brother and I know he wouldn’t dare do this. They are playing the victim’s role and I’m pretty damn sure that they all knew his background and what he went to prison for 14 and a half years ago. Hmmmmm so people do the math. Of course they would say he did all of this because they got caught.


  10. As being Joshua Williams wife I no for a fact my husband don’t do nothing this people trying put something on him but guest wat God got his back can’t nobody do him like Jesus can and I’m be with him 100%

  11. Jessie mcdavid | June 17, 2017 at 5:47 pm | Reply

    That guy didnt do that them white people did that…. white people trying to hang us black people because we r black

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