Judge Dismisses All Charges Against Edward Broom

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GREENWOOD, MS (Ben Caxton) — A Greenwood Judge has dismissed all charges against Edward Broom, accused in the 2014 slaying of his wife. Broom, who has been held since February of 2016 was released from jail this week by Leflore County Sheriff Ricky Banks. Presiding Judge Carol White-Richard overturned the 2016 indictment Wednesday citing prosecutorial misconduct in his trial last year. Greenwood Police Officer Jeri Bankston, the prosecution’s lead witness was found to have been texting Assistant District Attorney Trish Rodgers from the witness stand asking the prosecutor for instructions on what to say while on the stand. The prosecutor texted back that she should testify that “there was no evidence that anyone else came in the house and no signs of theft or forced entry.” The judge in her dismissal said, “substantial and irreparable harm occurred of such a nature that the trial could not proceed in conformity with law.” She also granted a motion filed on Broom’s behalf upholding his right to protection from double jeopardy, meaning Broom cannot be tried again for the crime. Assistant District Attorney Tim Jones said he is preparing a response and will ask the judge to reconsider her order.



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  1. It must ha e been a horrid experience for husband

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