Join The 1st Annual Mardis Gras Parade In Greenville

GREENVILLE (Ben Caxton) — “It’s a whole new thing for the Delta” That’s Nicole Morgan who is organizing the 1st Annual Greenville Mardis Gras Parade, coming this Saturday. “It’s for everybody. We’re going to be throwing candy, and beads. It’s going to be so much fun for kids to be able to go and be out there and see all of the different things that are going to be going on.” The parade starts at 5PM, and the fun lasts until the last straggler goes home. Anyone is welcome to join the parade. How do you sign up? “If you want to be a part of this you can contact me, it’s free. Easiest way to get in touch with me is 601-310-3070, or you can just come up here to the station and see anybody that’s here anytime and they will give you the details and get you signed up for it.” The parade is being sponsored by Delta Radio Network. The stations are located at 830 Main Street, in beautiful downtown Greenville.


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