Itta Bena Murderer Gets Life Plus 90 Years

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LEFLORE COUNTY, MS (Ben Caxton) — An Itta Bena murder case took a big step toward being closed yesterday. Armond Jones, Sedrick Buchanan, and James McClung were sentenced Thursday at the Leflore County Justice Center for their parts in the killing of Delandis Love and the injuries of three others while they were driving west on Highway 82 near Itta Bena in August of 2015. After being found guilty by a jury last month, judge Ashley Hines sentenced Jones to life in prison for murder, plus 30 years each on the three charges of aggravated assault. His accomplices, Buchanan and McClung were found innocent of the muder charges but sentenced to three consecutive 20 year terms each for the aggravated assault charges, for total of 60 years in prison. James McClung still faces three other pending indictments in Leflore County. Defendant, Michael Holland, has been found guilty of Second Degree Murder and three counts of Attempted Murder. His sentencing will be scheduled for a later date. A fifth person, Jacarius Keys, was originally charged as well in the murder as well. He was murdered shortly after Christmas last year. Police have charged Holland and Buchanan with First Degree Murder in his death as well. That case is currently before a Grand Jury.



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