Inmate Families File Suit Against Jailed Commissioner

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JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — Families of Mississippi inmates are asking jailed former Mississippi Department of Corrections Commissioner Christopher Epps, “Can You Hear Me Now?” A class action suit was filed in federal court on Thursday that accuses Epps, and the phone company that provided inmate calling services of criminal racketeering. The families say Global Tel Link funneled bribes and kickbacks to Epps through a consultant they hired to allow them to keep the ICS contract, without competitive bidding. According to the lawsuit, the defendants gained a long-term monopoly over telecommunications in Mississippi prisons that allowed them to charge exorbitant fees and charges far exceeding market rates for ICS services paid for by the inmates and their families for the calls. Epps is currently serving 20 years in a Dallas, Texas area federal prison.



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