Hosemann Names Clarksdale Superintendent to Advisory Board

CLARKSDALE, MS (Ben Caxton) — Newly minted Mississippi Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann has named a number of Delta school administrators to a state advisory council, including Dr. Joe Nelson, Superintendent, Clarksdale Municipal School District. Last year Hosemann vowed to seek input from Mississippi’s public educators when considering legislation impacting public schools. To help him fulfill the promise, Hosemann named 19 public school leaders from across the State to an Administrator Advisory Council last week saying that for Mississippi to succeed public schools must succeed. Other Delta appointees include Vicksburg Warren School District Superintendent Chad Shealy, and Tunica County School District Director of Special Education Laquita Moore.



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  1. Hosemann would be well-advised to tread cautiously, when choosing whether or not to go with the advice of a “state advisory council”. These council members will in all likelihood shout in unison: Give us money!! One must remember that these are people who are already in charge of our busted system, known as public education.

    Input is good. Prudence is also good.

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