Hollywood All-in on Wicker Opponent in Mississippi

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JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — Actors Robert DeNiro and Alec Baldwin are giving fundraising help to a Democrat hoping to unseat Republican Senator Roger Wicker. Howard Sherman is one of six Democrats in the June 5th primary; he and his wife actress Sela Ward have a home near Meridian where she was raised. Sherman’s campaign spokesman confirms that DeNiro and Baldwin helped host a cocktail party this week in New York with suggested campaign donations from $1000 to $5400 per person. Wicker faces one challenger in the GOP primary and has called DeNiro and Baldwin “mega liberals” who insulted President Donald Trump. Sherman was registered to vote as a Republican in California until 2016 and as of March 31st has put $500,000 into his own campaign. He also donated $5000 to Wicker last year when Chris McDaniel, a state lawmaker who nearly unseated Senator Thad Cochran in the 2014 GOP primary, was a potential candidate for Wicker’s seat.



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  1. Good grief! These two are toxic. Better fumigate them on the tarmac.

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