Heavy Rainfall Floods Streets & Closes Schools


THE DELTA (Ben Caxton) — As heavy rains spread eastward into the Delta from Arkansas yesterday schools were closed and water backed up on area streets. In Greenwood, some residents saw water as high as their doorsteps. Flood warnings were issued at various times for parts of Leflore, Grenada, Washington, Sunflower, Holmes, and Montgomery counties starting early Thursday morning. Crews were out in many counties clearing any blockages in drainage ditches to keep water flowing. Thursday rainfall totals ranged from just a few hundredths of an inch around Clarksdale and 1.58″ in Cleveland to 5.61″ in Leland. Greenville’s Mid_Delta airport had more than 3″ of rain over the 24-hour period. Elsewhere Delta Radio meteorologist Tom Churchill said Rolling Fork had 4.43″, Itta Bena 4.31″, Indianola 3.08″, and lake Providence 2.11″ with more thunderstorms possible across the Delta Friday into Friday night.



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  1. Please do some coverage on how much trash people toss out of their cars. It is appalling at how trashy Greenville is.

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