Greenwood’s Historic Gillette House Sold to Greenville Family

GREENWOOD, MS (Ben Caxton) — One of Mississippi’s “Ten Most Endangered Places” is being rescued. The Gillette House on River Road in Greenwood has been on the market for some time, with the sale offering price dropping monthly. When the sale price hit $65,000 last month a Greenville family decided to take the plunge to buy and restore the home. The Gillette House was built in 1904 by Greenwood businessman T. Staige Marye, who threatened to build his own private bridge across the Yazoo River and charge a toll if local politicians didn’t come up with funds to build a public bridge to replace a ferry that ran from the foot of Cotton Street across to the north side of the Yazoo in the late 1800’s. The bridge was eventually built in 1899 and local legend says Marye built his house, shaped like a river showboat, on the banks of the Yazoo to admire the bridge, which was torn down in 1924 and replaced by the steel Keesler span. The deteriorating structure in need of immediate repair was bought by Beth and Bill Mayton of Greenville, who plan to restore the home to its former glory.



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  1. I am from Kentucky, my husband and I were seriously considering buying it last year, I am so glad someone is going to restore her to her natural beauty.

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