Greenwood School Merger Moves Forward While North Bolivar Waits

THE DELTA (Ben Caxton) — Students and teachers in Shelby and Mound Bayou must wait until July to see where they’ll be going this fall. The North Bolivar District’s plan to merge Broad Street and John F. Kennedy High School is on hold. Supporters of the Mound Bayou school sued to block the merger and the judge has delayed a ruling until July 2nd. North Bolivar Superintendent Maurice Smith says the district can’t afford to maintain both schools. Shelby was chosen as the site of the consolidated high school because its building is in better shape, but even some merger supporters question whether there’s enough time to properly combine the schools before August. Meanwhile, the Greenwood and Leflore County districts are working to complete their July 1st state-mandated consolidation. Interim state Deputy Superintendent Mike Kent says the districts should focus efforts around students and an adviser will help assess the finances of both districts. Voters will choose two new board members for the consolidated district in November.



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