Greenwood School Founder Among Corruption Arrests

JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — John Davis, the former director of Mississippi’s Department of Human Services and five others are charged with embezzling millions in federal money meant for the poor. State Auditor Shad White says it’s the largest public corruption case in Mississippi in at least 20 years. Some of the money was used to fraudulently pay former pro wrestler Brett DiBiase to teach drug abuse classes in Mississippi even though DiBiase was in a luxury drug rehabilitation program in California at the time. In addition to Davis and DiBiase, those indicted and arrested include former Department of Human Services employee Latimer Smith, Nancy New, who is owner and director of the Mississippi Community Education Center and New Learning Resources, her son Zach New, who is assistant executive director of the education center, and Anne McGrew, an accountant for the education center. Davis worked for the Department of Human Services for 28 years, and Governor Phil Bryant chose him to lead the agency in 2016. He retired as director in July.


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  1. It’s like almost every week I read about someone embezzling money from the state. No wonder they don’t have money to pay teachers and prison guards….

  2. Just can’t keep their hands out of the till….So Sick of Corruption!!! Does anyone do Background checks Anymore or is THAT Racist too?

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