Greenwood Police Demand Empty House Give Itself Up

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GREENWOOD, MS (Ben Caxton) — Residents of a Greenwood neighborhood heard “Come out with your hands up. We have the place surrounded!” blaring through the streets outside yesterday. It wasn’t someone with a NetFlix movie playing too loudly. It was, in fact, the Greenwood Police. They were looking for a shooting suspect and had been given information by an informant that he was hiding in a home at 1206 Roosevelt Street. So police gathered together squad cars, officers, bullhorns, and officers with weapons drawn, set up a cordon around two homes, and issued their warning to surrender. The only problem being that the home was empty. Surprisingly the residents in the crosshairs of all those police with weapons in the house next door at 1204 Roosevelt were “as cooperative as they can be” the Greenwood Police Chief said. They allowed police to search their home and told police no one had been living at 1206 for several weeks now. The police chief told the Greenwood Commonwealth “It looks like we just got some bad information.” Police in Southaven earlier this week responded to a domestic violence call apparently also got the wrong address – and ended up shooting and killing a man in his home who had been peacefully asleep, with his wife when the police broke down the front door. In that case of bad information, the family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against police.



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