Greenwood Hospital Shows $7.5M Loss Through August

GREENWOOD, MS (Ben Caxton) — Greenwood Leflore Hospital’s hemorrhaging of money is accelerating. The hospital board was told Tuesday that losses are currently running 50% above last year at this time. Hospital Chief Financial Officer Dawne Holmes said the hospital had lost over well over half a million dollars in August alone, bringing the total to nearly $7.5 million this fiscal year so far – which is $2.4 million dollars more than at the end of August last year. Newly appointed hospital board member Harris Powers, voted to fill one of two empty seats by the Greenwood City Council this week, was out-of-town and did not attend the meeting.



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  1. How long will Ole Miss Medical wait in the wings? Hire a new director of the board, get rid of the hospital board members who are dragging their feet, so the hospital can remain viable.

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