Greenwood Graduate Produces Beyonce Documentary


GREENWOOD, MS (Ben Caxton) — Former Greenwood resident and graduate of Greenwood High School, Brian ‘Kenny’ Moore, served as the executive producer for a new Beyonce and Destiny’s Child Documentary. “Girls Tyme – Making a Child of Destiny” explores Beyonce’s and Destiny’s Child Rise to fame and the sacrifices of forgotten manager and group creator Andretta Tillman. Since Destiny’s Child burst onto the music scene in 1997, the picture has been painted of how Mathew Knowles helped, Beyonce, and the other members of Destiny’s Child, achieve phenomenal success. Moore says however that there is a large part of the story that has not been told, or omitted – the contribution made by Andretta Tillman. The documentary features interviews with Gospel great Kathy Taylor, Original Girls Tyme/Destiny’s Child members Nina and Niki Taylor. Former Co-manager Kenny Moore, Super Producer Cory Mo, Former Rap a Lot recording group Flaj, destiny’s Child first choreographer Harlon Bell, and members of Andretta Tillman family. It’s set to be released on the 30th of June 2017 and will be available online and On Demand on August 15th, 2017.

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