Greenwood Contemplates Legal Action Against Sewer Plant Builders

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GREENWOOD, MS (Ben Caxton) — An engineering firm has worked out a plan to fix ongoing problems at Greenwood’s sewage treatment plant. After the failure of yet another sewer line at the plant Malouf Construction and Willis Engineering have worked out a plan that Mayor Carolyn McAdams says is “10 times stronger” than the original design. Problems started in April when a 24″ main line, built along with the plant just two years ago in 2016, collapsed under Ione Street taking a large part of the road between the plant and the local Humane Society building along with it. The $40 million waste-water treatment plant was built by Max Foote Construction of Mandeville, Louisiana, and engineering firm Neel-Schaffer. Max Foote initially tried to repair the damage, but gave up and told the city it would no longer accept responsibility for the problems. Greenwood then turned to Malouf who proposed a new solution. The city so far has spent $95,000 on designs for permanent repairs. The City Council is debating hiring an attorney to investigate potential litigation against the original builder.



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