Greenwood Attorney Gives A Refund At Gunpoint

GREENWOOD, MS (Ben Caxton) — Screaming “Give me my money back,” while brandishing a handgun an armed intruder left a Greenwood attorney’s office with $3,057 cash in hand Wednesday night. Local attorney Hiram C. Eastland Jr. told Greenwood Police that he was in the front room of his office at 7:45 PM when he heard two gunshots toward the back of the building. After a few more shots he started running to the front door to leave. That’s when the robber put a gun to Eastland’s face, and demanded his “refund”. Police later arrested a 23-year-old male suspect outside Davis Elementary School. An officer nearby at the time of the incident actually heard the shots as they were fired. Heading toward the sound to investigate he saw an armed man running from Cotton Street toward Davis Elementary. When the officer reached the back of the property, he found another officer holding the suspect at gunpoint in the school’s dumpster. The suspect is being held in the Leflore County Jail and is under investigation for aggravated assault, commercial burglary, and possession of a stolen firearm.


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