Greenville Student Faces Charges After Tuesday Gun Incident

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GREENVILLE, MS (Ben Caxton) — A Greenville student faces charges after he was arrested at school with a handgun. According to Greenville Public School District Superintendent Janice Page-Johnson police were called to T.L. Weston Middle School after several students reported overhearing a student talk about having a gun. Police responded and arrested the student. Earlier this month a ninth grader at Riverside High School in Avon was arrested after he picked up a gun he found on the way to school and carried it onto the campus in his backpack. That discovery caused the school to be placed briefly on lockdown. Neither student has been publicly identified either by police or school officials because of their age.



4 Comments on "Greenville Student Faces Charges After Tuesday Gun Incident"

  1. they very stupied because one of them want to show it of and the others just crazy for that they can face life and he is not going to like it and jail.

  2. why tf would u bring a gun to school . They very dumb for trying to show it off ! why tf would u have a gun at school

  3. these some lil dumbass kids ! yall can face life after this bullshit . but imma let yall dumbass learn . sorry ass principle

  4. I don’t understand why would they do something like that bcuz and if you go to jail you is not going to like it because some mans in there are rapes and others are killers so have fun dumbes

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