Greenville Newspaper Cuts Service Again

GREENVILLE, MS (Ben Caxton) — Greenville’s newspaper is cutting service, again. Beginning tomorrow the once “daily” Delta Democrat-Times newspaper will be publishing an edition just twice each week, on Wednesday, and “weekends” according to a statement in the latest edition. Local publisher and editor Jon Alverson characterized the changes by saying “We’re not cutting back.” Instead he noted that they were simply “condensing” content “into two larger editions rather than five smaller editions.” Last year the newspaper eliminated Monday editions, and then a few weeks later canceled the Sunday paper and eliminated local delivery, in favor of mailing the printed papers to subscribers the next day. The company cited increasing costs, declining revenues, and competition from web-based news services and social media for making the change, while also claiming that the move to modernize a 17th-century service using 18th-century delivery methods for the 21st century would result in better service for readers. The very first newspaper, the London Gazette published its first edition 353 years ago in 1666. The U.S. Postal service debuted about 100 years later in 1776.


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  1. How ridiculous can you get? I bet the price of the paper won’t go down.

  2. Small local newspapers have had it rough for many years. Ever increasing postal fees and subscription fees just to be able to produce a newspaper and get it into the mail are devastating. Couple that with advertisers moving to free Facebook ads and Free online news facilities and it gets harder every year. The younger generation does not read the newspaper like we used to

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