Greenville Man Who Headed `Fake $50` Gang Sentenced

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MADISON, MS (Ben Caxton) — Four people, including a Greenville man, are headed to prison in connection with their involvement in a counterfeit ring, prosecutors announced Tuesday. In August 2015 Madison County business reported a group of people passing counterfeit $50 bills. They used the funny money to purchase items and then returned the purchases for real cash according to police. Surveillance video led police to identify and arrest two of those convicted yesterday, Tonnie Carrol, and Brenda Cross. Sylvester Anderson and Andre McClain, of Greenville, were also arrested in the case. All four pleaded guilty to racketeering and each was sentenced to 20 years in prison, according to Michael Guest, district attorney for Madison and Rankin counties.



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  1. Twenty years a piece for using fake money and a Cleveland doctor gets three years for embezzling thousands though his practice!

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