Governors Say Trump’s Road Plan May Be a Hard Sell

THE DELTA (Ben Caxton) — The governors of Louisiana and Mississippi are praising President Donald Trump’s proposal to put more federal money into infrastructure, but say their states would be hard-pressed to put more state money into highway projects. Many projects are 80 percent funded by the feds and 20 percent by state or local governments but Trump’s proposal would flip the percentages with the federal government only paying 20 percent. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards and Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant of Mississippi agree with Trump’s proposal to shorten the environmental permit process for highway and bridge construction but say their states depend on federal support and requiring a larger share from rural communities will be difficult. The federal plan was released in February and proposes using $200 billion in federal money to leverage more than $1 trillion in local and state tax dollars to fix roads, highways, ports, and airports.



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