Good Month for CPU Lawyers in Clarksdale

CLARKSDALE, MS (Paul Wilson, WROX Radio) — July was a busy month for the legal team of Clarksdale Public Utilities. Hunt Law Firm billed CPU $22,350 in July, approximately double the average of monthly bills during the last year. Still to come are invoices from Oxford attorney David O’Donnell, who represented the CPU commission and filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Clarksdale; former city attorney Curtis Boschert, taking the place of board attorney David Hunt who is reportedly in Italy with the Mississippi State women’s basketball team; and Canton attorney Jim Herring, whose investigation of wiretapping allegations led to the July 26th suspension of General Manager Mark Johnson, CFO Steve Reed and communications director Chris Campos. All three will be accompanied by their attorney when they are interrogated by Herring today; a court reporter will also be present. Herring’s investigation is expected to continue through August.



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