Former Local News Director Launches National Network

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GREENVILLE, MS (Ben Caxton) — Mississippi’s first African-American female news director is launching her own national TV network. Pam Chatman, a twenty-year news media veteran has joined forces with Virtual Eminence to create the “PChatman Network” which will launch in November. The streaming media company will make Chatman’s news service available to roughly 200 million homes worldwide through platforms like Amazon Fire, Roku, Apple TV and Direct-to-Netflix. In a Friday press release, Chatman says her channel will provide original programming featuring southern “movers and shakers” including singers, actresses, and TV writers. Chatman has been featured in “Breaking Greenville”, “The Talk”, and the “Today Show” and is also the founder of a number of local businesses which help empower area residents to succeed.



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  2. I am very proud of our young black woman making things better for other young black peoples all they have to do is listen and learn and they will go a long ways in life but make sure they have God in there lives and make sure he is the head of there life be bless Pam and much more success with u.

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