Former Fair Board Member Arrested for Embezzlement

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DREW COUNTY, AR (Ben Caxton) — As much as a quarter of a million dollars that may be missing from Drew County fair board accounts has resulted in the arrest of a former employee. Brenda Reed was arrested Tuesday charged with theft of property over $2500. Missing funds were first reported to the Arkansas State Police back in November, at which time Reed was removed from her position as treasurer. Mulitple investigations found missing money, including $37,000 in checks written to “cash” and endorsed by Reed, $167,000 stolen from two bank accounts, and over $40,000 in suspicious transfers from fair board accounts through her employer’s bank accounts. She admitted in March that she had taken the money to pay personal bills and fund a relative’s “business.” Reed has been released on $50,000 bond. No word on if she posted her own money for the bond.



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  1. Jim A. Hall | May 11, 2018 at 2:53 pm | Reply

    I TOLD YOU SO! In 2011 or so I resigned from the Drew County Fair Board due to illegal actions taken by an illegal fair board. They illegally trashed the legal ByLaws and Constitution and created a new ByLaws and Constitution. I walked out and resigned in PROTEST. Now the crap has hit the fan. The Treasure has been discovered to have stolen in excess of over $167,000 in Fair Board funds!


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