Flowers Wants Release on Bail or Charges Dropped

WINONA, MS (Ben Caxton) — Curtis Flowers, who has been tried six times for the same murders asked a judge Thursday to free him on bail and throw out the charges against him. Prosecutors believe it was the now 49-year-old Flowers who killed four people in a Winona furniture store in 1996. He was eventually convicted after five unsuccessful attempts and sentenced to death in 2010. However, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the convictions in June, finding racial bias in jury selection. Flowers lawyer says Mississippi law requires the judge provide bail after two capital murder mistrials, and that the bail must be “reasonable and affordable”. The lawyer went further arguing in court filings that the judge should forbid a seventh trial for Flowers and toss out all charges based on prosecutorial misconduct on the part of prosecutor Doug Evans and at least two witnesses who have recanted their testimony and now say they were pressured into fingering Flowers.


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  1. Listen to season 2 of the podcast In the Dark. There are around 15 episodes detailing this case.

  2. I feel this man was done wrong and think the town officals of Winona are crooked as he##

  3. He deserves Bail or out they have no evidence or conviction so why still hold him what they going to make him guilty

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