Fleeing Suspect Butt Dials 911 For Felony Charges

RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Ben Caxton) — Butt-dialing 911 led to two felony arrests in Rankin County on Saturday. Sheriffs received a 911 call saying Justin Lawrence was threatening the homeowner and other family members with a handgun. He was apparently there to have a confrontation with the mother of his child. Before deputies arrived Lawrence left the scene in a blue pickup and drove into a wooded area where he abandoned the truck. Dispatch then told deputies they had an open 911 call from Lawrence’s cell phone as he apparently inadvertently dialed 911 when running through the woods. Deputies from neighboring Scott County reported seeing a black pickup truck picking up a man coming from the woods. Lawrence and the driver, identified as Steve Newsom, were taken into custody. Lawrence is being held on felony evasion and other misdemeanor charges arising from the initial confrontation. Newsom is charged with felony obstruction of justice for assisting Lawrence in attempting to evade arrest.



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