Fire Heavily Damages Troubled Cleveland Apartment


CLEVELAND, MS (Ben Caxton) — Fire has heavily damaged a Cleveland subsidized housing apartment complex that has been the site of various crimes and tragedies over the last few years. The fire broke out Tuesday afternoon at Building Five of the Sunset Village Apartments. Firefighters at the scene told the Bolivar Commercial newspaper that six of the building’s eight units were occupied at the time. The top four units were reportedly destroyed along with two units on the ground floor. The remaining two units were heavily damaged by water poured on the fire to put out the flames. It was unclear if everyone escaped unharmed. The Sunset Village Apartments in Cleveland have frequently been in the news.  In September of 2013 27-year-old Colby Antonio McCline was shot to death at the complex. In December of the same year, a cable installer was robbed at gunpoint at the while working at the building by two armed men. A shootout there in March of 2017 left one man dead, and five more arrested and in jail. And, in August of 2017, a young mother died after losing control of her car, which had her five children inside, and crashing into the side of the apartments.



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  1. This article was very poorly put together! There was know reason why the past crimes had to stayed about a fire! The fire had nothing to do with the past issues. Once it was stated that in the past couple years some crimes to place was enough said! The victim and their families shouldyhabe to relieve the past horrible encounters they have had to go through! Horribly constructed article!!

  2. Avatar Markevial lewis | March 14, 2019 at 9:19 am | Reply

    The person who wrote this article needs to be fired it seems to me the focus was on the past crimes that occurred here rather then the tragedy that people lost their homes..

  3. Avatar James Alexander Matthews | March 14, 2019 at 9:30 am | Reply

    This article was written in poor taste & with all due respect (if any is) you are trash for having done so & whoever gave the ok to release this to the public is also trash. There is a time & place for everything & this was neither. This should’ve been reflecting on the fact that 8 families lost everything except their lives, fortunately. Literally one sentence was written about them & then straight to the disrespect. How dare you! Just damn them, I guess. You could’ve at least wished them well.

  4. Avatar Madison Greer | March 14, 2019 at 11:37 am | Reply

    The author of this article — I have a suggestion. you rewrite this article and take out details about crimes and accidents that NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR ABOUT from this particular article and tell the readers

    1-what size clothes the people wear and where we could drop clothes off
    2-if children were effected by this, they need toys
    3-these people just lost EVERYTHING and since you want to portray them as lower class then go ahead and tell us where we can take canned goods and other food items.
    4-if someone has a gofundme or some type of fundraiser available, tell the public.

    We are supposed to be a COMMUNITY, and this article makes Cleveland seem as if it everything short of what a community is supposed to be. DO BETTER and if you don’t have those details on how to HELP these people then do not fill those empty spaces with unnecessary information. Learn to spread kindness “Ben Caxton”

  5. What does gunfire in the PAST have to do with a RECENT fire that women and children just lost everything you stupid ass people always worry about the past,I guess who ever you have laid down with in the past IS STILL IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP NOW,, now that’s a HOT topic

  6. I totally agree…I was just left wondering exactly WHY were previous crimes noted in the report of a fire, where many children & parents have been left devastated. OMG There has to be a time when sensitivity takes over our minds and hearts.

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