Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Monticello

(Monticello, AR) — On Tuesday, a federal judge granted the city of Monticello’s motion to dismiss Siemens’ lawsuit against the city. The city’s countersuit for return of nearly $7 million paid by the city to Siemens was left standing. Siemens Industry, Inc. filed a lawsuit against the city on April 21 demanding that it allow the company to proceed with the water meter installation and water line replacement project. This happened while the city of Monticello and Siemens were attempting to resolve a dispute over a $10 million water project. Monticello’s attorney, Cliff Gibson said Tuesday they are very pleased with the ruling in favor of the city of Monticello.

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  1. Avatar Douglas A. Auer | March 10, 2016 at 12:54 pm | Reply

    Siemens is without a doubt the most corrupt multi billion multi national corporation in the world. They were fined 1.6 BILLION dollars in 2008 by the US justice department the SEC and German government. They learned nothing from the fine. A simple Google search of Siemens bribery and fraud will yield pages of of their dirty dealings. Please Contact me if you have personal knowledge of their dirty dealings. DAAUER@aol.com (Douglas A. Auer)

    Doug Auer

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