February 24: The Week In Review

Chicot Memorial

THE DELTA (Ben Caxton) — Another week of news has come and gone. And if you weren’t listening to Delta Radio every morning, here’s what you might have missed. Low flying helicopters invaded the Delta while threats were made against at least a dozen different schools across the Arklamiss this week with some arrests and others still under investigation. A Lake Village accident claimed the life of a Monticello woman. heavy rains caused flooding and sewer issues in the Delta, closed roads at a Monticello Park, and forced the closure for repairs of a Monticello sports complex. Greenwood saw its first homicide of 2018, while just outside town another 15-year-old high school student was shot dead in what appears to be an ongoing gang turf war. Another restaurant shooting in Vicksburg has a 54-year-old man in jail and the restaurant’s bar closed until further notice, while a Vicksburg janitor used his President’s Day off to burn books in a local high school. A $3.1M contract to design a new Greenville Federal Building was announced, Bolivar County issued an emergency declaration due to bridge closures, and Washington County gave up trying to fill a long-vacant deputy director’s position and just eliminated the job instead. All this and much more could be heard this week on Delta radio, and at deltadailynews.com.



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