February 17: The Week In Review

THE DELTA (Ben Caxton) — Another weekend has arrived, and another week of news is history. If you weren’t listening to Delta Radio every morning, here’s what you might have missed. Greenwood suffered its first homicide of 2018 just a week after a Greenwood Judge dismissed all charges against a man who’s been held two years for murder. In Cleveland, a police officer, and suspect, were both hospitalized after exchanging gunfire, while a new Trump-branded hotel took a shot at a $6M tax break. Itta Bena held a new election for mayor. A damn beach along US 49 sent a tsunami of water at cars traveling along the highway. In Clarksdale The world’s longest-running daily blues show lost its longtime host, a 1920’slibrary for negroes joined the National Register of Historic Places, and the airport board is hopeful that new passenger service may be on the horizon. In Rosedale, a tugboat worker drowned after falling into the Mississippi River. Monticello saw a high-speed-four-county police chase along with a number of accidents, including one involving a school bus, at the same time telephone scammers pretending to be IRS agents were calling area residents. Vicksburg’s Mayor got called back to Washington for a second meeting with President Trump. And a little firefly helped a Delta Radio host pen a new children’s book. All this and more, this week, from Delta Radio, and deltadailynews.com.


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