February 10: The Week In Review

Chicot Memorial

THE DELTA (Ben Caxton) — Another week of news is in the books. If you weren’t listening to Delta radio every morning here’s some of what you might have missed. A botched burglary led to Yazoo City’s first homicide of 2018. A serial Greenville burglar involved in a suspicious death was sentenced to 40 years in custody. Boutique airlines passed the 5,000 mark in passengers in Greenville last year. Some rural residents near Indianola could have access to high-speed internet fiber optic connections soon. In Minneapolis, a Vicksburg native got benched for the SuperBowl, and the Mississippi Attorney General says Clarksdale Mayor Chuck Espy can’t have any of Clarksdale Public Utility customers money for his own use. All this and much more, this week from Delta Radio and www.deltadailynews.com.



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