Espy: Detractors Have "dementia" and Are "delusional"

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CLARKSDALE, MS (Ben Caxton) — Yesterday’s public meeting of the Clarksdale city board lasted over two hours with most of the time spent bashing people and organizations who question the wisdom of the Mayor’s pet proposed sports and convention complex project. Developer Dwan Brown attacked the writings of Mississippi Today, accusing the digital newspaper of interfering with private contracts and going on a “seek and destroy” mission to manufacture inaccurate stories. Brown said one potential partner has backed out of the project because of negative press. Mayor Chuck Espy followed Brown’s comments by calling critics of the project “delusional” or “suffering from dementia”. In other matters yesterday, the board concurred with the planning commission’s recommendation to approve a new hotel at 164 Delta Avenue and to allow a new urgent care facility to be built in the parking lot of the former National Funeral Home on State Street.



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