Enrollment Drops 6% at Mississippi Valley State

ITTA BENA, MS (Ben Caxton) — Enrollment at Mississippi Valley State dropped more than at any of the state’s eight public university’s according to figures released Wednesday by the Mississippi’s Institutions of Higher Learning. The report says there are 6% fewer students roaming the campus in Itta Bena compared to just a year ago, and more than 13% fewer than in 2016. That translates into a loss of 308 students over three years. MVSU has an enrollment of 2,147 students, compared to 2,285 last fall, and 2,455 students in the fall of 2016.


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  1. I need to be apart of the recruitment team

  2. It’s sad anytime a university experience a drop in student enrollment, especially for any of our HBCU campuses.

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