DSU Tuition Going Up by 6% This Fall

CLEVELAND, MS (Ben Caxton) — Mississippi’s public universities will raise tuition by an average of 4% next fall, saying state funding increases this year are earmarked for increasing employee costs and they need more money to maintain programs. Yesterday the College Board gave final approval to tuition increases at all eight universities, waiving the normal procedure in which trustees would vote again later. The statewide average for two semesters of full-time tuition and fees will go up an average of $312 to $8120 for in-state undergraduates. Increases range from 8.4% at Mississippi University for Women to 1.9% at Ole Miss; tuition at Jackson State will go up almost 5% and almost 6% at Delta State. Mississippi universities are scheduled to get an extra 5.6% or $38 million more in state money in the budget year beginning July 1st but most of that is earmarked for employee raises, pensions and health insurance costs. Because it now takes more than 17% of a typical family’s yearly income to pay the full price of tuition at a Mississippi public university, more students are borrowing to pay for school. The Institute for College Access and Success reports 58% of graduates from the state’s public and private universities had debt when they collected a diploma in 2017. The typical borrower graduates with more than $30,000 in debt.


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