Drew Central Approves In School Medical Clinic

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DREW, AR (Ben Caxton) — Drew Central will open the school year with its very own health clinic. The school joins nine others in five districts in Southeast Arkansas with school-based clinics run by Mainline Health Systems. The clinic, which was approved by a vote of the Drew Central School Board last Thursday will provide on-site medical and healthcare services to both students and staff. According to Mainline, they staff their the clinics with qualified medical professionals. A nurse practitioner who treats both urgent and chronic care needs will be at the school at all hours students are in classes. A pediatrician will come to the school on a regular basis to see complicated cases or upon parental request. Primary care, pediatric care, health screenings, immunizations, well child care and gynecological will all be available. Mainline’s other clinics are located in schools in Star City, Hamburg, Portland, Lakeside, Eudora, and Dermott.



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