Dragonboat Races Returning to Greenville

GREENVILLE, MS (Ben Caxton) — Dragon Boat Races are returning to Greenville. Organizers say they have twenty-one teams signed up for the 2019 reincarnation of the free event that will be held September 7 in Lake Ferguson besides Schelben park. After three successful years of dragon boats on the river in Greenville from 2014 through 2016, the fourth annual “Delta Dragon Boat Regatta ” event in 2017 was abruptly cancelled via a Facebook post 2017 just one day after the deadline for entries with organizers at the time citing “unforeseen circumstances” and blaming the cancellation on the difficulties of finding enough people to man the 21 member boat crews. At the time many of the replies on Facebook from participants disagreed, however, saying event date changes, an early schedule that conflicted with other events, and the chilly water temperatures in April were the cause.



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  1. So the date has been changed to Sept.7th instead of Aug.17th & 18th??

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