Delta State Budget $1.7M in the Red

CLEVELAND, MS (Ben Caxton) — Faculty at Delta State have been told the University is $1.7 million in the red. Cleveland’s Bolivar Commercial newspaper says an anonymous faculty member tipped them off to the shortfall and claims that auditors representing the Mississippi Institution of Higher Learning were on campus. When contacted by the newspaper for comment, the university replied in a statement that the school has not met its “revenue projections” for a number of years now resulting in the cumulative red ink approaching the $2 million mark for this fiscal year. The statement to the Commercial said Delta State has “no intention” to “close programs, terminate employees or impose layoffs” to bring the budget into balance.


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  1. If this were a commercial business, cuts would be made, usually with lay-offs being the first order of the day. An internal audit would be conducted, examining purchasing contracts, non-vital expenditures, etc., in order to get the company out of the red. SOP, because the company would be answerable to its shareholders. Other procedures, including replacing the CEO, if necessary, to tighten budget would follow.

    Because Delta State has not made corrections in keeping with its “revenue projections for a number of years now”, the MIHL audit was triggered.

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