Delta Radio Morning Man Pens New Book For Kids

CLEVELAND, MS (Ben Caxton) — WKXY morning air personality and first-time published author John “the Maddog” Miller (aka Jon Edd Wynn) used to read bedtime stories to his 4-year-old daughter, but she loved the ones he made up best. The story in The Maddog’s debut book “The Littlest Firefly” (published by Archway Publishing) was his daughter’s favorite, and he hopes the book reminds her that she has always been an inspiration. In the book, readers will get to know Freddie, the littlest firefly who lives in a place called Blinky Sky. He has two big brothers who love to fly around and play. They play with birds, flies, and bees but never with Freddie. They say he is too small. The littlest firefly spends all his time alone and sad while the older fireflies have fun. But Freddie never stops trying to be a part of his big brothers’ lives. Even when bullied, Freddie still proves to be a good brother and friend by stepping up and saving the day. His small size helps him become a hero. With the book, “Maddog” hopes to remind readers that reading is important, and everyone is capable of becoming a hero.


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